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iBStage Grand Prix

21, 22, 23 and 24th of February 2019


The aim of the IBStage Grand Prix is to seek talented young dancers who aspire to pursue a professional career in the ballet world. 

Providing specialised coaching sessions to nurture their professionalism, will  enhance competitors performance and further their ballet education.
The competition guidelines were created by seeking advice from the dance community, including The Royal Ballet School.

We are delighted to be welcoming an esteemed panel of judges to this very exciting first edition of IBStage Grand Prix, as Mr. Ted Brandsen (Art. Dir. Dutch National Ballet), Mr. Christopher Powney (Art. Dir. of the Royal Ballet School), Miss Samira Saidi (Head of International Relations of the Royal Ballet School), Mr. Ernst Meisner (Art. Dir of Dutch National Ballet Youth Company), Mr. Ivan Liska (Art. Dir. Staatsballet II Munich), Mrs. Amanda Bennett (Art. Dir. of Balletschule Basel ), Mrs. Gigi Hyatt (Art. Dir, of  Hamburg Ballet School "John Neumeier"), Mr. Elias Garcia (Art. Dir. Ballet de Catalunya), Miss Larissa Lezhnina (Ass. Art. Assistant Ballet de Catalunya) among other personalities and guests from the ballet world.

The IBStage Grand Prix promotes dance ethics in the dance education as follows:

Dancing on Pointe

The competition does not permit participants under 14 years old (in the Soloist Category) and 13 years old (in theEnsemble Category) to perform variations on pointe.


IBStage Grand Prix has prepared a selection of variations permitted to be performed at the competition. Separated into age category, this carefully selected list takes into account the practice and training involved to deliver a successful interpretation by pre professional young dancers.


At Ibstage Grand Prix we like to see virtuosity, strength and power, however we like to see this presented with quality, musicality and artistic presentation. We promote ballet as an interpretative art form wishing to protect its heritage and values.

VIDEO PRE-Selection

Our selection process requires the applicant to audition initially by video link, demonstrating their class work. A dancer is quickly recognized by their work in class, and this is where we can see the true potential.


All applicants will go through the initial pre-selection process, which if successful will take them to the semi-finals held in Barcelona. This enables us to have more time to dedicate to each contestant. This short list is then narrowed down again to the finalists. Performing on stage requires time to prepare, including the mental preparation needed before stepping onto the stage. Taking time to work well in class, practice your variations, even applying your make-up, is all part of that important preparation without panic and rush.

Competition Environment

One of our aims is to offer our competitors a professional work environment enabling them to learn from the best, giving them time to apply new skills and to reach a better understanding of how to achieve.

High Personalization

IB Stage Grand Prix will only accept 25 candidates per category. We are the only competition to do this. Why? Because we think that, like this, we have more time to dedicate to each participant. Performing on stage require time to prepare, including the mental preparation you need before stepping on to the stage. Taking time to work well in class, practice your variations, even applying your make-up, is all part of that important preparation, very important for achieving security on stage. This is one of the main reason for which we have so few candidates. We want you to prepare your performance in a healthy way, like in a company, without panic and rush.

Panel of Judges

IBStage Prix is delighted to welcome such an esteemed panel of judges including Mr. Ted Brandsen and Mr. Christopher Powney. We thank them sincerely for their support and for their expertise and knowledge. Our aim is to adhere to our ethics and regulations, providing the competition with quality and with a fair and objective evaluation of each competitor.

Score System

The Score System is designed to be fair and transparent. In the event of competitors receiving equal scores, the judges will deliberate to reach an agreement, with the President of the jury making the final decision if required.


IBStage Grand Prix, through its partners, will be awarding scholarships. The Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the directors representing the schools or companies, and only awarded to those participants who meet the criteria of that director. Acceptance of these awards falls to the recipients and their families. If guidance is needed we can organise this.

Training to become a professional dancer requires years of dedication and commitment. We want to help you become that dancer. Preparing for a competition can be part of this journey and IBstage Grand Prix wants this experience to be a rewarding one. We will be looking at your potential, your commitment and your talent. 

We are searching for you!

Welcome to IBStage Grand Prix!


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